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Fishing in Denmark

We are a nation of anglers with infinite opportunities for new adventures

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Be aware - IHN virus in Denmark

Fishing in Denmark - What to do?

  1. Keep your self updated about applicable restrictions and guidelines at Danish vegetarian and food administration
  2. Check if you're fishing in a restriction zone
  3. Disinfect your gear after fishing in a restricted zone
  4. Put and take lakes under suspicion are closed for fishing - if you're planning to fish in a P&T, please contact the lake for availability

Novice angler

Where do you start, what do you need, and how do you approach?

Get an introduction to angling right here!

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Water care in Denmark

In Denmark, we are very concerned with ensuring a good aquatic environment and continuously good conditions for both fish and anglers.

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Did you remember your fishing license?

A fishing license is a requirement for fishing in Denmark.

The revenues from fishing licenses go towards fish care, fish release, restoration of watercourses, and new research about fish behavior.