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Sport fishing associations

The Danish sport fishing associations do tremendous volunteer work in order to provide the members with ample opportunity to engage in sport fishing and gain access to private fishing waters.

Sport fishing associations

A sport fishing association is a place where peers meet and share fishing stories. Through many years of work, many associations also have access to private fishing waters that the association rents. This way you get to fish in fishing waters that are not covered by the national fishing license. Many associations arrange talks, trips, and even travels, so there are many good experiences with other anglers in store by joining an association. Several associations also have a junior division that offers you or your kids a good start to life as an angler.

Benefits of an association

Membership of an association has many benefits, but most appealing is the opportunity of gaining access to exciting fishing waters across all of Denmark. You also get the opportunity to share your passion and experiences with others and thus to expand your network.

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Support the fight for cleaner watercourses and more fish. Join the Danish Association for Sport Fishing.


  • Several associations have access to private fishing waters. For example in rivers, bogs, and lakes where you are normally not allowed to fish, and some even have dinghies and boats you can borrow.
  • Many associations are members of the Danish Association for Sport Fishing which grants you access to several membership benefits, courses, and the Danish sport fishing magazine “Sportsfiskeren”. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to gain political influence in the largest NGO for Danish anglers in Denmark.
  • If you are new to sport fishing, you will quickly learn many useful things that can help you become a better angler or get a head start.
  • You can participate in events, talks, trips, or travels where you and your peers will be introduced to new fishing spots.

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