Welcome to the eastern side of the southern tip of Jutland

The Little Belt and the east coast of Jutland offer the angler a multitude of opportunities: Fjord, bay, coast, creek, lake, pier – you name it.

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Open coast, fjord, and bay

The open coast tempts you with shiny, silver trout. Every year, really big sea trout are caught since the sea is relatively fresh in this part of the country. This means that the fish have good conditions for growing and eating during most of the year.

But this province also offers an array of bays, inlets, and fjords that present the trout with a smorgasbord of sustenance. For instance, Haderslev Fjord contains so much food that some trout settle there and get a nice, golden color. Kolding Fjord is an exciting acquaintance with many truly brilliant spots.

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The east coast

If you look up “Truly breathtaking Danish coast” in a dictionary, it will say: See the east coast of Southern Jutland. The hilly Ice Age landscape stretches out toward the salt water, and the varied coastline keeps the eye happy no matter where you fish. The incredible variation of spots ensures that you can always find a place where wind and waves suit you. Just take a look at our map: All the way from the border to the Little Belt is dotted with green, but those are just the most well-known. In between there are countless little reefs, sandbanks, badekar, and seaweed belts that may all significantly surprise you.

The Little Belt

A bit further to the north lies the Little Belt. Here, the current is a serious matter. It’s a completely different type of fishing compared to a calm bay. But the lively current also lures in scores of food. It’s exciting fishing for sea trout in a current that resembles a huge river. Some of the absolute largest sea trout migrate past every year, so hold on tight to your fishing rod. But also mackerel, garfish, pollock, cod, and herring come close to land here. You can fish from harbors and piers, but also directly from the coast.

On the ocean

The boat angler enjoys great opportunities in the region. Cast fishing for sea trout from boat is a given, for example in the interesting area between Als and the mainland. The kayak angler can go anywhere and slide into spots that the walking angler will never reach. How about a trip beneath the beautiful forests of Haderslev Fjord, for instance? Of course you can also board an actual fishing cutter in the Little Belt, where especially flatfish are popular targets.


At the lake

Angler lakes are truly plentiful and good in this part of the country. And it’s easy to find them. At several of them, camping is even an option. A perfect foundation for exploring the area, and you can always go fishing at the lake when you come “home”.


Intimt åfiskeri

Vejle River

Take a walk in the beautiful Vejle River valley – but don’t forget the fishing rod, for the big sea trout lurk beneath the cliff.

Vejle River and Kolding River both have spectacular sea trout fishing and lots of accessible tracts through the local associations that work tirelessly for the trout. Did you know, for example, that the local associations have spent years ensuring that the sea trout can thrive on their own – entirely without human aid? The rivers run at the bottom of the incredibly gorgeous river valleys featuring high Ice Age cliffs.

The fishing isn’t easy. No sea trout fishing is, but contrary to the great rivers of West Jutland, the sheltered valleys offer respite from the wind.

Further south, smaller rivers also run toward the sea, but they are not nearly as well-known as Vejle River and Kolding River. Nevertheless, they are worth a visit when the sea trout migrate in late summer and fall.

Plan your trip

The area offers many good opportunities for spending the night. Below, you’ll find more information about experiences and accommodations. See the local Visit sites for more exciting information.

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The Little Belt

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Southern Jutland

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