The unique trout of Bornholm

Every single sea trout in Denmark knows where it comes from. How they know is a miracle in itself. Thus the sea trout at Bornholm are also quite the local patriots. That’s why sea trout fishing on Bornholm is so attractive. Because the local fish have good food all the way around the rock in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Besides, the water never gets particularly salty like further north in the country. This is beneficial to digestion and weight. Sea trout of Bornholm are just a bit bigger than most other places.

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Looking at one of the 27 trout-producing watercourses of Bornholm that run over the rocks on the beach, it’s hard to believe that they can produce so many trout. You aren’t exactly looking at wide rivers. But they can. The fish may travel far and wide in their adult lives in the sea, but they always return to their birth stream, no matter if they have to jump across rocks and boulders in order to pass on their genes. It’s pretty incredible. The local trout stock has been around since the Ice Age and is well-protected by the locals. A massive effort has been put in to ensure that the fish have optimal conditions. This benefits us all, but together we also need to protect these unique fish. There are catch limits in place, and that is a good thing.

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Rocky coast

To a coastal angler from the mainland, it’s quite a change jumping into waders and seawater on the island. The fishing spots are definitely not flat like bowling lanes. And should you fail to prepare properly, you might end up with boots full of water. Scout the fishing spots thoroughly on satellite maps, read about the spots right here on the site, and follow the good wading advice you can find on this site:


In the rest of the country, coastal fishing is possible all year round, albeit with a clear decline in activity during the winter months. On Bornholm, it’s different. Here, the party doesn’t really get started until November. Once again, the reason is the brackish water which enables the fish to actively find food even though the water is cold. The good fishing continues with the coming of spring. Thus the summer months are not ideal for coastal sea trout fishing, but luckily there are so many other fishing options. How about a short trip to one of the gorgeous rocky lakes?

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Harbor and pier safari

Harbor fishing

The many harbors of Bornholm offer exciting opportunities when it comes to angling.

The many charming harbor towns on Bornholm are each equipped with their own fishing hotspot. For nearly all of them feature a pier or a harbor to fish from. It’s incredibly cozy enjoying a quiet evening while fishing and gazing toward the mainland on the other side of the horizon. And the catch opportunities are definitely in your favor.

The seasons for the specific species vary, but you can come across different species such as garfish, mackerel, herring, flatfish, cod, eel, and even pike. Yes, pike, since the water is fresh enough for them to thrive. But be gentle with them: They are rare and vulnerable, so release them if you catch any. Naturally, the sea trout also migrate past, because harbors and piers equal plenty of food in the water. All fish know this, and there’s enough food for everyone.

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Planlæg din ferie

The area offers many good opportunities for spending the night. Below, you’ll find more information about experiences and accommodations. See the local Visit sites for more exciting information.

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Experience the nature of Bornholm which is unique for all of Denmark. Also visit the craftsmen of the island in the only World Craft Region in the country.


Angling on Bornholm

Bornholm is a veritable mecca to the avid angler! Bornholm is ideal if you’re planning a serious fishing trip with your friends, but definitely also if you’re bringing your family to enjoy some quality time in nature.