A mecca for the coastal angler

If the sea trout is Denmark’s national fish, and sea trout fishing is the national sport of anglers, then Funen is our national stadium. Even though the friendly island in the middle might not look that big on the map, it’s a huge El Dorado for the picky angler. There’s no catch guarantee – that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world – but chances are better than anywhere else. Tricky winds on the open coast? Then relocate to a sheltered inlet. Muddy waters near the cliff coast? Then move to the other side of the nearest point, and see if the water is clear. Funen is a friend of the sea trout angler, and that’s without even opening up the treasure trove of all the other fishing options yet.


Sustainable fishing

On Funen, 20 years of dedicated work has been put into improving the sea trout’s conditions of life in creeks and the ocean. This has created sustainable fishing and a good and healthy fish stock.

The South Funen Archipelago

Have you ever dreamt of pulling the plug and moving to an island? Close to nature, simple living, and with time to reconnect? Nibble at the dream – go island hopping in the South Funen Archipelago.

An island offers the perfect scenario for a fishing trip. You can fish in all kinds of weather, and often you’ll have many kilometers of fishing waters to yourself. With a kayak or a dinghy on days with calm weather, you can sail between the islands and try out many different fishing spots. On several of the islands, you can spend the night in shelters or campsites.

70 cm havørred fra Ærø

The archipelago contains a total of 55 islands and islets, and they’re all renowned for their beautiful surroundings and good fishing spots. The larger islands such as Langeland, Ærø, Avernakø, and Drejø are sizeable enough for a weekend trip or more for the angler.


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Many opportunities

On Funen, you’ll find good opportunities for experiences on belt and ocean, where some of Denmark’s best fishing for cod and flatfish takes place. In the Great Belt, the current is strong and the flatfish are fat. Around the Langeland Belt, you can jump on a tour boat and let the skipper take you to the fish. It’s a golden opportunity to try your hand at deep sea fishing if you don’t have your own boat. It’s also possible to rent smaller boats and even with a local guide.

On Funen, conditions are also excellent for fishing from pier or in lakes and creeks. Additionally, 12 put and take lakes on Funen offer easy access for beginners and families.

Flatfish, cod, and sea trout are the most popular fish of Funen. Sea trout fishing takes place from the coast around all of Funen. The book “117 Fine Fynske Fiskepladser” (”117 Fine Fishing Spots of Funen”) is a good starter guide. Cod and flatfish can also be caught from the coast, but it’s more effective to fish them from piers or from a tour boat. Besides these three species, many seasonal fish such as mackerel, garfish, and herring visit Funen at certain times of year. You can read more about those in our fishing guide.


Fjord&Bælt (Fjord&Belt) is a combined tourist attraction and research institution with our magical ocean as its focus. Their mission is to inspire us to preserve the nature around us through experience, fascination, and appreciation.

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Street fishing in downtown Odense

Odense offers an abundance of opportunities for urban angling. In Odense Fjord and Odense River, you need a fishing license to fish. Notice that you can fish all year round in certain areas, while other areas have certain closed seasons. You can read more about the fishing seasons under the individual fishing spots.

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Plan your trip

The area offers many good opportunities for spending the night. Below, you’ll find more information about experiences and accommodations. See the local Visit sites for more exciting information.

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All around Funen (Fyn, in Danish), you can find exciting attractions such as museums, urban culture, and outdoor experiences in gorgeous scenery. Funen also offers an array of opportunities for spending the night, and with coastal camping sites, a good aquatic experience is always a possibility.

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Angler sleepover

On Funen, full angling experiences are in huge demand. Around Funen, there are several lodges and campsites with an angling focus. Here, you have the opportunity to get the complete experience in the perfect fishing setting. These places have fishing guides attached, and they are eager to assist the visitors with all things fishing related.

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Odense equals big city hygge plus manageable distances, since this capital of Funen offers the largest concentration of renowned museums outside of the actual capital. Simultaneously, the city boasts being the greenest metropolis in Denmark due to the year-round fun and impressive events.

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