What to choose?

What to choose? Southern Zealand, Møn, and Lolland-Falster offer rich angling experiences!

Coarse fishing, creek fishing, coastal fishing, put and take fishing, deep sea fishing, trolling, surfcasting… Don’t be discouraged, but in this part of the country, you can literally try all the types of fishing you can think of. An exhaustive guide to all the options would be thicker than the Lord of the Rings.

Thus we bring you some highlights, and we begin with freshwater.

When you gaze out over the Maribo Lakes (Maribosøerne in Danish), you’d think the picture was photoshopped. But it’s the real deal. The lakes really are that beautiful. But they have rivals in beauty and fish in abundance scattered across the entire region. If you instead dream of a quiet evening by a bog decorated with water lilies, you can find it. If you’d rather fish in a creek or a channel, excellent opportunities exist for that as well. If you prefer fishing in put and take lakes, the biggest problem is choosing between the many options.


Brackish water fish

Unique fishing

On Zealand, fishing in the brackish water is truly unique. The fishing starts around Copenhagen and continues down to the southern point of Møn.

The southern ocean is so fresh that species we normally find in lakes and creeks tend to thrive. For example, the perch actually grow big in a short time. This is a unique type of fishing in Denmark, and if you’re up to the challenge, all that’s required is a fishing license, just like on the standard coast. Take a look at our map of coastal spots where you can find a suitable spot for a perch attempt or a pike trip.

If you’re particularly fond of perch, you should take a closer look at the creeks. During the winter months, the perch periodically migrate to them, and then you might be lucky enough to partake in some fantastic fishing. Don’t go perch fishing because you’re hungry. Perch and pike are vulnerable to overfishing and must be treated properly – so remember to fish with care. A fishing license to the creeks is only a few clicks away.


The Coast

When you find yourself standing below one of the majestic cliffs of Stevns, you feel very small. The cliff is a compressed version of the history of the Earth. Literally. Here, you can witness evidence of a gigantic meteor eradicating the dinosaurs. That alone is worth a trip. But bring your fishing rod, for sea trout fishing is amazing, and they grow huge. The sea trout use the Baltic Sea as a fast food restaurant, and their favorite meals are herring and sand eel. The deep water is close to land near the high cliffs, and so are the fish. There’s no catch guarantee, but while you wait, you might as well think about how many thousands of years of the Earth’s history are represented by 10 centimeters of cliff.

Stevns Klint 32409 Large

Magnificent Møn

Geocenter Møns Klint

Play and learn your way through Denmark’s wild past.

Møn is said to be one of the darkest places in the country when the sun goes down. In return, the impressive chalk cliffs light up during the day. It’s not only a thrilling place to hike; it’s also a first-class fishing area.

Similar to Stevns, sea trout fishing is particularly exciting here. But if you bring your family, and not everyone wants to fish, consider this proposal: Go fossil hunting together! Some of the most unique and fascinating fossils are actually found near some of the best sea trout spots.

It’s a perfect combo trip.

Moen Cliffs From Water ©Sascha Bendix Large

Plan your trip

The area offers many good opportunities for spending the night. Below, you’ll find more information about experiences and accommodations. See the local Visit sites for more exciting information.

Moens Klint 6 © Daniel Villadsen Large



Sydkyst Danmark

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Swing south, and experience unique nature dressed in the lovely colors of spring, inspiring art and culture, or gastronomical treats.

Opportunities abound on the South Sea Islands.

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Maribo Lakes Nature Park

Beautiful lakes and landscapes, fascinating fauna, and captivating cultural history. The protected nature reserve Maribo Lakes Nature Park (Naturpark Maribosøerne in Danish) has it all and invites you to experience both nature in all its glory and a wealth of activities for children and adults alike.

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