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Draw a line straight across Zealand from the Great Belt to the Sound. There, you’ll have enough fishing waters for a lifetime without ever getting fed up with fishing. Here, you can find all forms of fishing and even some of the finest in the kingdom - right in the middle of the capital. The northern coast of Zealand is a massive buffet of opportunities. The coast is clear for everyone with a fishing license.

From the Great Belt in the west and all the way to the other side of Zealand, the widely varied range of coastal spots is almost dizzying. Everything from open rocky coast to grooves with strong currents and shallow inlets. The hardest part is basically choosing the most beautiful spot. This also means that you’ll find spots suited for any time of year, temperature, and wind direction. Take a look at the sections on sea trout fishing here on the site, and get a better idea about which type of coastal spot you ought to choose when going fishing.

Hornbæk Beach Man Walking ©Tine Uffelmann Visitnordsjælland Large

Fjord fishing or open sea?

In the middle of the island, the exciting fjords are particularly worth highlighting – Ise Fjord and Roskilde Fjord. Here, you can quickly go from spot to spot in order to try out different types of coast on a single day. If you prefer pebbles, swells, or open spaces, there are plenty to choose from to the west and north. Sea trout don’t cling to the same rock their entire lives. On the contrary; they migrate from one end of the country to the other. For example, many sea trout hatched in the rivers of the Limfjord migrate south to eat. Look at the map. Where on Zealand does the country stretch out its tentacles so these fish hit the coast? The north coast should definitely not be overlooked. Some of the very biggest sea trout in the country are caught here.

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The Gravel Gang on Zealand

The creeks of Zealand have for many years been outshined by the creeks of Jutland in terms of sea trout fishing. But that’s about to change! Each year in the entire region, a monumental effort is put into improving the spawning and living conditions for fish. And naturally this benefits the coastal anglers of Zealand. Watch the video about the Gravel Gang’s (Grusbanden) huge effort, and visit Fishing Zealand to learn more about the effort to help the wild fish.

The unique Sound

Copenhagen was founded on herring. Well, perhaps that’s an overstatement. But the herring fishery has definitely made the founders of the city substantially fatter. This is due to the unique ecosystem of the Sound. A sound so rich that it’s silly to mention all the opportunities that exist. Just to name a few: Cod, herring, mackerel, and flatfish. These are merely some of the most common species you can get closer to than anywhere else in the country. For in the Sound, tour boats will ferry you to the goods. When you visit their websites, you can actually go on a tour where certain species are the targets. Fishing for herring or flatfish, for instance, is not complicated and is highly recommendable for new anglers. Many people have experienced the magical feeling when the fishing rod comes alive while engaging in this exact type of fishing. But cod fishing is definitely also easy to learn. And if you don’t have your own fishing gear, you can rent it on most boats.


Helsingør Harbour Boat ©Daniel Overbeck Visitnordsjælland Large

Fishing in the capital

Street fishing

Copenhagen is a real fish town – almost the entire harbor is open for fishing. Take the bus, and get off right by the fishing waters.

But the Sound does flow by Copenhagen itself, where fishing opportunities abound as well. Because the water is so clean that you can take a swim in it. This attracts a multitude of species.

How about a mackerel with a view to the towers of the city? Or perhaps targeted cod fishing can pique your curiosity. The only thing you have to do is take the bus, and get off at one of the many spots where fishing is free for all with a fishing license. Your fellow passengers might glance enviously at you when you’re taking the bus home with a cod tail sticking out of your backpack.

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Plan your trip

The area offers many good opportunities for spending the night. Below, you’ll find more information about experiences and accommodations. See the local Visit sites for more exciting information.

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Go exploring, and become inspired by everything the west coast of Zealand has to offer.

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