En fiskeplads som har både små rev, blæretangsbælter, store sten, sandrevler og badekar langs med kysten. Fiskene viser sig ofte i overfladen når de kommer ind for at jage tobis, rejer og tanglopper.

Grumset vand og uro i vandet kan være en fordel da havørrederne kommer helt ind under land.
Natfiskeri er også en mulighed i de varme måneder.

En fiskeplads med strøm og god vandgennemstrømning er altid en magnet i de varme måneder, hvor pladser af denne type vil være mere iltrige. Strømvand holder på mange fødeemner, der bliver taget med strømmen og dermed tiltrækker rovfiskene. Strømvand kan være godt året rundt og særdeles i kombination med rev, pynter og banker.

Vær opmærksom på at vadefiskeri på dele af pladsen kan være svært.

Bottom conditions
Rip channels

A rip channel is a deeper area between coast and bar, or an underwater groove of a significant depth. A rip channel usually has a dark bottom shaped by rocks and bladder wrack, but it can also consist of pure sand or gravel. You can’t avoid finding these rip channels on the coast, since they are some of the most common bottom conditions in Danish waters. The size of a rip channel varies greatly. Even the smallest rip channels, only a few meters wide, can contain many fish. The sea trout swims around these rip channels to hunt for food. In line with the tide, the fish cross the bars to reach the rip channel that’s closest to land, since that often contains the most food options.


Even though walking around on rocks along the coast may feel annoying, it’s often a good indicator of the presence of optimal bottom conditions for the sea trout and its food options. Everything from pebble to huge chunks of granite provides cover for sand hoppers, shrimp, and small fish. If there are waves, these food options are easily whirled up into the water column. A rocky bottom can be good all year round, but especially so during the cold months with few food options in the deeper water. A rocky bottom at a good depth also attracts other predatory fish such as cod and garfish.


This aquatic plant functions as a brilliant hiding place for the small food options, and simultaneously they oxidize the water around them, which provides small fish, shrimp, and sand hoppers with good living conditions. The eelgrass is also used as a resting place for the sea trout when it migrates along the coasts and particularly in late fall when the trout are headed for the river.

Fishing license

You must have a valid national fishing license to fish here. Buy your fishing license via the link below.



Season is only indicative and you must always read up on conservation times for the individual species and fishing spots.


Sea trout